Principles of Operations Management Workshop Series

APICS Principles of Operations Management is an education-based program made up for five individuals courses designed to help new entrants to the field of operations management establish the foundational knowledge necessary to excel in operations and distribution management.  Principles offers organizations an efficient and effective approach to educate and develop professionals on the basics of operations management.
Principles coursework is structured as an entry level collegiate course with built in assignments for individual homework and exams. Content is geared toward those with a minimal understanding of operations management concepts from either a professional experience or academic perspective.
Employers seeking to train entire departments, groups of employees from various functions within the organization or reap the benefit of having a standard understanding of operations management concepts prefer the Principles series above any other APICS certification offering.
Principles of Operations Management Series Course Descriptions
Inventory Management

The Principles of Inventory Management course provides a functional knowledge and understanding of inventory and purchasing management principles, roles and responsibilities, and techniques.
Operations Planning

The Principles of Operations Planning course focuses on a fundamental knowledge and understanding of the basic inventory planning principles and techniques that are used at each level in the planning process, from strategic to tactical.
Manufacturing Management

The Principles of Manufacturing Management provides an introduction to manufacturing management core concepts and activities related to production planning, scheduling and process control.
Distribution & Logistics

The Principles of Distribution and Logistics introduces the foundations and operations of supply channel inventory, warehousing and transportation operations.
Managing Operations

The Principles of Managing Operations introduces the fundamentals of operational process design, quality and organizational management and performance.
Principles of Operations Management Series – Career Track Program
The APICS Gold Rush Chapter has taken the modules of the Principles of Operations Management courseware and customized it to fulfill the training requirements for specific career paths.  This powerful tool allows employers to standardize the fundamental training on principles associated with key processes and decisions within individual functions or departments.  Further customization is possible to best fit any organization’s training objectives.  The APICS Gold Rush Chapter Career Track training options include:

Supply Chain Manager  - Strategic and Operational

Demand Manager

Sales & Operations Manager

Master Scheduler

Inventory Manager

Materials Manager

Production Manager

Buyer/Procurement Manager

Production/Inventory Planning Manager

Distribution & Logistics Manager

Customize it!

The APICS Gold Rush Chapter has the ability to customize the Principles series courses into uniquely tailored programs for organizations.  Customization can be done at the course, module and even lesson level.  To request a consultation and quotation please contact us using the form above or email at [email protected]