The APICS Gold Rush Chapter offers a wide variety of educational offerings throughout the year from workshops and seminars to APICS certification preparation courses.

If you don't see an APICS offering or topic you're interested in, please contact us.  We want to hear from you!

Select the Education Path right for you

  1. Determine your desired result following a formal education program.  Is it certification?
  2. Review the educational offerings in more detail.  Each seminar, workshop and certification preparation course outlines the educational objectives and what roles within an organization would be encouraged to participate.  
  3. Review the educational offerings calendar to determine when you can start learning.
  4. If you don't see an APICS offering or topic you're interested in, please contact us.  A certified APICS instructor will contact you to discuss the offerings and help narrow down your selection.  A customized educational plan can also be created at no charge if requested.

The APICS Gold Rush Chapter seminars, workshops and certification preparation courses are offered in two class formats to match your schedule and training requirements.

Educational formats

Public Offerings

The published APICS Gold Rush Course Schedule lists all of the chapter's public offerings.  These educational programs are only offered in the evenings during the traditional Monday through Friday work week.  

In-House/Private Offerings

Ideal for employers that have multiple employees take the same educational offering.  In-house/private offerings are coordinated directly with the Chapter.  Customization of material, times and day or night offerings are available. Contact us to get a proposal that meets your training needs.